Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tennessee Love

Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center
A couple days ago, when the south part of Knoxville got hit by the incredible hail storm--"hail the size of baseballs"--I realized that I've lived in Tennessee for fourteen years (it was probably just as I was saying, "I've never seen anything like this, and I've lived many years?!"). I've never lived anywhere else longer, and it's grown on me; I've grown to love it, especially after getting to know places like Beardsley Farm, A Place of the Heart Farm, and Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center.
A Place of the Heart Farm

This has been a somewhat difficult week: we lost electricity on Wednesday, and only had it back for a couple hours late last night, just to lose it again in the early morning. There's some damage to the house and our cars, but it's relatively minor; the experience has been more disorienting than anything. However, we went to a farmer's market preview, and got beautiful bread and a couple produce items. A farmer even gave us a small head of lettuce for our lunch salad when we said we didn't have power.
It may be a few days before I post again--even if we get electricity back today, I'll spend a few days catching up on cleaning, laundry, grading, and re-planting.

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