Monday, April 25, 2011


Before yesterday, I'd only had ramps once. We were on a day-trip to Nashville (three years ago), and saw them on sale at Whole Foods; I didn't think much of them, but Matt knew exactly the kind of delicacy that we'd found. 

Since first tasting them, I'd been on the lookout for ramps, but  hadn't been able to get any until this weekend. As we were digging up the succulent ramps, I couldn't help but be mindful of over-harvesting. I want the ramp spot to provide people with this spring-time delicacy for years to come, and  I feel like we were almost too greedy, taking not just he leaves, but the bulbs, too. 

I hope that this year isn't the last time that we have ramps, but I'm willing to forego them if it means preserving them for the future.


radioactivegan said...

My mom picked up some ramps for me at the Jonesboro farmer's market. How do you suggest to cook them?

zemmely said...

I'm almost at a loss, there are so many recipes! We had them on pizza twice, using the bulbs in place of onions. They're also great sauteed alongside polenta. Or in pasta. Or if you have a LOT of ramps, you can make pesto out of just the leaf part.