Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kimchi Love

We're relatively new to fermenting--I think that we made our first batch of Kimchi last October. Ever since we started fermenting, we have been in love with it. Previous to making our own, I wasn't very keen on store-bought kimchi; there are few kimchis out there that don't have anchovy paste, and the ones that are vegan were fine, but nothing I ever got very excited about. The flavor of home-made kimchi is just so much...cleaner. It's tangy, and sour, and salty in all the ways that I appreciate; and maybe it's because we control the duration of fermentation and the ingredients, I don't know. Once we made kimchi, and saw how incredibly easy it is, we expanded into sauerkraut, fermented pepper hot-sauce, and kombucha. There is literally not a day that goes by that we don't consume something that is a product of home-fermentation.
I've been talking to a few folks around town about a kimchi workshop for March (in stead of the regular canning workshop), and I think that by next week, I'll make that decision. I hope that circumstances line up, and that the workshop can happen, as I would really like to share kimchi-making with others.

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