Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Shadows and Marmalade

On Sunday, I am teaching a canning workshop and teaching people how to make marmalade. The thing is, marmalade is still rather mysterious to me.
I made this apple-rosemary marmalade last month, and a few other kinds of marmalades since then, but I'm still now quite sure what happens to make a goo of rinds and pulp actually form into something so wonderful. I hope that by Sunday, I'll know a little more, or just be able to humbly admit my shortcomings to the class.


Anonymous said...

That marmalade looks great...and I bet it tastes even better! Can't wait to read about how your teaching workshop goes. People are starting to ask us to teach...but I'm not sure!?!

zemmely said...

You should definitely teach a class! I only taught the first one because there weren't plans for anyone else to do it, and I couldn't let people NOT learn how to can. My advice is: start out with a fool-proof thing, teach one item only at the workshop, and everything will be fine. I also type up a very brief canning guide that covers the basics of "before canning," "during canning," and "after canning." Even if people don't look at it during class, I like to think it's helpful for them.

I'll post about the class soon--thank you for reminding me. I got out of the habit of posting regularly, and was trying to get back into it.