Monday, June 8, 2009

Raw, Day 5

A long and disappointing day today--tried to go to have my wedding dress altered, but the woman (Thelma) said that she couldn't do it; with the fabric and the pleats and all, there is no way to make it shorter. I trust her word--she's had 47 years of experience, after all. So I'm a bit bummed out and not sure what to do next.

Food today was:
Breakfast--pinapple-spinach-banana-blueberry smoothie
Lunch--massaged kale salad
Dinner--raw pizza
I'd made the buckwheat crust a couple days ago, and it had been waiting patiently for me; today, I made the marinara (tomato, sun-dried tomatoes, herbs), and then! Well, you can see for yourself. I'd been wanting something salty, and as I was biting into this, realized that it was olives, which I'd formerly not liked at all (silly me).
Right now, as I type, the cashews are soaking for a blueberry version of this. I'm thinking about omitting the "fluffy white frosting," but may yet change my mind. Also, I'm making half the recipe. If it comes out, and is attractive, I will have pictures of it tomorrow, and you'll just have to wait until then, won't you.


Piuvodku said...

That looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'll have to fix some for you when you come back.

Gena said...

First of all, this looks delicious!

Second of all, thanks for the comment on Chocolate Covered Vegan's blog. I am very appreciative :)


(Choosing Raw)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Gena. And yes--I couldn't believe what some people were saying! I like your blog for several reasons--you are never pushy, but always informative; and of course, you emphasize the importance of choice. It's too bad people don't see that and are instead put off (or even somehow offended) by raw food.