Thursday, June 4, 2009

Raw, Day 1

This will be a quick post--my first day eating raw on my own was a little tiring: I always over-plan days which I am spending mostly alone, and then, of course, don't get done half of what I wanted to do. However, I am pretty happy with how this first day turned out.

I made some cashew-milk today, and the amazing red-pepper dressing from Swell Vegan (you can see both, side by side, happily in the fridge); for lunch, I had a bok choy salad with the dressing, and it was delicious. I can see myself making more of it next week, or even for the omni parents who are dropping in for a visit this weekend.
For dinner, I had the famous massaged kale salad from Gena's blog, and it surpassed all expectation. For some reason, I haven't eaten much raw kale, and this was a good way to try it. Well--look for more posts (and pictures) in the coming days.

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