Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back again, before departure.

View from our hotel room.
As I mentioned a few days ago, we have been in Louisville, Kentucky for the last week; we are now back home for a few days before we travel north again--for Matt's sister's wedding. I like Louisville a whole lot: I visited it first when I accompanied Matt to the AP reading three years ago (I was not actually working, but he was), and we seem to be coming back to it with some regularity--at least twice a year. It's a nice city, and conveniently half-way between Knoxville and north-east Ohio, where Matt's parents live. The food is good in Louisville, and the bourbon plentiful.

I have spent the last week in a ware-house-like room with a few hundred people, reading hundreds of student essays and sitting in an uncomfortable chair. The work wasn't too bad, but I hope that I can get a good deal of time outside in the next few days before we travel again. July should be more exciting, too, as the canning workshops resume, and the tomatoes start coming in. This month is full of transience and home-sickness--but the end is in sight.
View from my seat at the AP reading.


radioactivegan said...

That man's face makes me worry about the future of English students.

zemmely said...

Ha! I took that picture on the sixth consecutive day of reading the essays, so I'm sure almost everyone in the room felt this way. I mean, how many HUNDREDS of (mediocre) essays can one read on Hamlet before becoming just...weary?