Monday, May 9, 2011

Community Garden Plot

 Because we are renting this house, we can only do a limited garden in the back yard; even though our landlord is very supportive of my gardening efforts, I just don't know how long we'll be staying in Knoxville. And I don't want to put in a full garden just to leave it behind in a year.

However, I am ambitious, and want to grow so many different things. This is where the community plot at Beardsley farm comes in. In addition to providing produce for those in need, Beardsley also provides over twenty garden plots for people in the neighborhood, and others in the area who would like to garden, but don't have the space. Or people like me, who would like to expand on their existing small garden spaces.

The community garden plots are tilled every fall and spring, amended, and turned over to the gardeners. So far, ours has been doing pretty well; we're growing broccoli, radishes, turnips, carrots, and arugula. I had also put in some chard and beets, but those were mysteriously pulled out (cleanly and completely) last weekend; as distraught as I was at the loss, I understand the hazards of having the spot open to the public. And besides, because of the rains, I've only been visiting the plot twice a week. This means that everything has been growing relatively maintenance-free, and maybe the chard and beets are just the price to pay for all this.

Yesterday, when we went up to water the plot, I put in a few Black Valentine beans and more arugula.  I'm looking forward to visiting my plot and seeing how everything is doing when I volunteer at Beardsley.

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