Thursday, March 24, 2011

Future Canning Classes

Aside from just a few things--kimchi ingredients.
This month's preserving workshop was a fantastic experience both for me and (dare I speak for them?) the people who attended. The change of pace from canning was really nice, as I had the chance to share with people my rather new-found passion for all things fermented--not just kimchi. Especially during the second round of the kimchi workshop, I got a few people excited about brewing their own kombucha! And as always, I got to spend time with some great people and talk about preserving, gardening, and all those exciting things that are on their way with the spring season.

Next month, there will not be a canning or preserving class because I am still in the process for looking for a new space, however, I have a few exciting prospects in mind, and will resume classes (maybe even have more of them) starting in May (just in time for strawberry season). I also recently acquired a pressure canner, and hope to be teaching a class using it sometime in June or July. Stay tuned--there are many exciting things under way.

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radioactivegan said...

I've almost finished my first jar of kimchi, and I'm loving it. I shared a jar with my brother, but I haven't had a chance to see what he thought of it. Thanks for another great lesson!