Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Canning Workshop

Earlier this month, and with the help/organization of my friend Katie Ries,
I led a canning workshop at The Birdhouse.
The group was very receptive, despite my nervousness. I tried very hard
to keep my hands off the process and let them handle everything.
In the end, everyone had had a turn doing just about every part of the preparation and canning.
We made ginger-garlic mustard, pickled carrots, and chunky apple sauce.
The workshop was a great success and taught me a few good lessons.
Firstly, I love teaching, and I love canning.
Therefore, I love teaching canning.

Secondly, canning things that are in-season is very exciting.

Thirdly, just because I am able to can multiple things in one session in our own kitchen
does not necessarily mean it's a good idea when teaching a group.
By the end of the workshop, I was completely drained, as were several participants.
This is why the next workshop will be a single-item one.

The next workshop will be at 1:00 PM
on Sunday, November 14.
We will be making apple-cranberry rum relish.
If you would like to attend, contact me for details.

(Most of the photos were taken by Katie Ries, too!)


radioactivegan said...

That mustard looks amazing. I'm so sad that I missed the first one, but I'm pretty stoked about the upcoming workshop. Emotions all around!

zemmely said...

The first workshop, as I mentioned, was pretty overwhelming. The second one should be really great. AND, if all works out well, there should be more and more to come in the spring (and maybe even in the winter).

Celine said...

Kat! I need your email address to send you a tester copy for veg subs when it is out. celine @ havecakewilltravel.com