Thursday, May 14, 2009

First post--New House, New Blog

Hello, all--after months of looking at others' vegan food blogs, and after much encouragement from Matt (my betrothed and other contributor) I am making the first post in this new blog of ours! As the title goes, some of the posts will be about food, some about literature, and some about philosophy: I will be posting about the former two, and Matt will probably post about all of those.

I want to begin with some before pictures of the (rented) house, and a picture or two of food. The pictures, just so you know, don't do the house justice--it was dirty, covered in cobwebs, and leaking from almost every place where it was connected to water. (Maybe in the next post or so, I'll post the after pictures.)
This is the living room. The "stained glass" on the door looks much better from the outside; the swirls, however, had to go, although I'm sure some previous tenant had a hell of a time painting them by hand on the flesh-colored walls.
Below is the kitchen, which makes up with the pantry for the inadequate cabinet space. Oh, how we scrubbed it and painted it--you'll see!

There are definitely more pictures, but--who needs them! We've cleaned the whole place thoroughly, and are rid of the cobwebs and most of the dirt; we've moved in furniture and painted it much happier colors.

Here is the food pictures, as I promised--this is from a meal before we moved.
This is pan-fried tofu with corn pudding and collard greens, all with BBQ sauce--a great meal, and one of my favorites, although before I was vegan, I refused to eat greens of any variety (what a fool I was!).
Well, we look forward to visitors to this, the little blog of ours. See you around!


Celine said...

finally! so stoked to see you here! exclamation point!

Anonymous said...

Hurray! See--the new blog went up just in time for your birthday! And although it's a shoddy type of present, if you ask me, I'll gather ye a parcel yet!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just stumbled onto your blog and can't wait to see what you guys get up to in your new kitchen -- welcome to the food blog world!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm adding you to our blog list, if you don't mind. Thanks for visiting.